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2019 +17.47u

15% Roi

What Makes my service different

no gimmicks

I am committed to providing a simple and realistic service. All my wagers moving forward will be a flat bet staking method that is simple to follow. No parlays, no obscure props and no max bets. Just flat bets on lines that I believe have value. I am always prepared to pull the trigger but this style of betting means I usually only take a handful of positions each card. I am not the kind of person to risk half my bankroll in a single night or large sums on a single outcome. I’m in it for the long haul, grinding out an edge over the bookies.


I am a proven long term winner. My entire betting history going back to 2015 is third party tracked and available via the Record page. I encourage anyone interested in becoming a client to go over it. Although past performance is no guarantee of future results you will be able to see how I bet and the long term positive trend I’ve been able to establish. Coming off of 2019 where I profited 17.47 units with an ROI of 15.24% over 114 bets. The goal for me this year was consistency which I obtained, profiting in every quarter.

How I bet

In MMA one of the best spots to target is the slight underdog range. This means I do operate around the 50% win mark. When you bet like this streaks can happen both ways but at the end of the year I have a good chance to end up ahead. Betting in this way also means any individual outcome is liable to lose. What I try to do is play into the variance of MMA. I’m not afraid to bet a favourite if I still see value on the line but generally the value is in the slight underdogs (+100 to +186)

Full Transparency

I’m not trying to sell you a get rich quick scheme. I don’t guarantee profits. I’m not going to BS you, this is gambling. I am researching fights and betting on lines that I believe have value. There is no team, no secret insider or lock of the century. I am not making any wild claims of grandeur. It’s just me, putting in the work and letting you know what bets I make. If you become a client of mine you are saying you value my opinion, what you do with that information is up to you. I encourage everybody to gamble legally and responsibly. I will not be held accountable for any losses.