Here are the 3 online sports books I use. I have been able to withdraw funds from all of them. They all have their own pros and cons. It is important to have and use multiple bookies so that you can pick and choose between them to get the best odds possible. The more books you have access to the better. Between these three you’ll have everything you need. I am affiliated with SportsInteraction and Pinnacle.


The first online bookie I ever used. SportsInteraction is a good book to have. They are well balanced between having good lines and a good selection of props. They also offer interesting futures from time to time. Their help chat is very useful anytime you have a question or concern making them very user friendly and easy to work with. Often times they are slow to move lines, this means you can get a good odds even if those odds are no longer available in other books. A great option whether you are a new gambler looking to make your first bet or a seasoned handicapper already using multiple books.


Pinnacle is the gold standard for online sports wagering. Their money lines have high limits and low margins. This means their straight lines are always competitive if not the best in the market. They haven't always had the best selection of prop bets but as of 2020 they are beginning to offer more of them and more often. The thing that truly sets them apart in my eyes is their willingness to accept winning gamblers. They advertise that they will not limit you. This is where I place the majority of my bets. If you have access to Pinnacle you should be using them.


Between the three books I use Bet365 has the most extensive selection of prop bets is the most reliable for live betting. Known for limiting players, and because their straight lines usually aren't the best, I use them sparingly. It's always good to use as many books as possible so that you have the best selection of lines to bet on. And they really are a great book to have for the prop and live betting options as I mentioned.